Adina's ThinkHaus Inaugural Socks

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These socks are my first finished ThinkHaus project! I brought them along on the weekend and worked on them while we were hanging out there and discussing the possibilities with the space. The pattern is based on Brenda Dayne's Brother Amos Hellfire Lace Socks (Ravelry pattern link here) and Knitty's Widdershins.

They're toe up socks, which is awesome because it means I didn't have to pick up any stitches. Well, except for when I had to frog a bunch... but that hardly counts does it? If you're looking for a free toe up sock pattern, Widdershins is pretty good imho. It's the first sock pattern I have ever used, and I rather like it. When I give Brenda another donation, I'll ask for her pattern again and see how she's changed things. I hear her pattern has several improvements over Widdershins.

The Ravelry link for my project is here.