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Future site of the Centenary network rebuild project. (former SISO offices)

Index of project pages

Computer Inventory

General needs

Some ideas that have been mentioned:

  • Setup two networks (one for staff/admin and one for general use)
  • General network should be breakable, in the sense that breaking it should not harm the admin network
  • PCs should dual boot Windows and Linux
  • Central server to use for authentication, home folders
  • General areas for PCs - lounge, games room, computer room
  • Some PCs on wheels so they can be moved around as needed
  • Network administered by volunteers from Boys and Girls club (or maybe staff?)

Licensed Software We Will Need

What to ask for from Microsoft:

  • Windows 7 Pro edition (one for each PC - 30ish)
  • Windows Server 2008 (1 copy)
  • Visual Studio 2010
  • Office Pro 2010 (one for each PC)
  • Anything else?

There was mention of asking for volume license keys, and running a license manager instead of keying in serials for each station. Does anybody (aka Adam) know how this works / what to ask for to set this up???

Software that could be useful

  • Deep Freeze - Automatic rollbacks to a frozen disk state.
  • pGina - Replacement Windows logon management with some nice features. (easy authentication against LDAP)
  • PXE Install - Installing Ubuntu via PXE