Electric Duck Recording Corner

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(aka E.D.R.C)

The plan essentially is an area (upstairs by where the bathroom was) cornered off and appropriate equipment for setting up a small recording "psteudio" for whatever purposes we may see fit.

Members involved thus far: Anthony, Navonod, Marylin

Equipment needed: cubicle dividers, decent computer system, mixer, microphones, table/desk, chairs, powerbar, ethernet, lamp if needed

Uses: recording radio show to promote the space, interview interesting guests, member recording projects and experiments

Basically set up the dividers in a triangle shape (leaving some room to get in and out), then set up desk, chairs, computer(s) and recording equipment up on semi-permanent basis. The idea is to have it functional with minimum pre-session set up (limited to pretty much turning things on) with room for hopefully three people.

This project has been depreciated and is indefinitely on-hold.