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I've created this page to serve as a collection of links to useful information regarding ham radio.

Course materials can be found at Online Ham Radio Course

Exam practice software can be found at ExHaminer

Radio Amateurs of Canada website: RAC

American Radio Relay League, the largest ham radio association in the world, and the publisher of QST, probably the best ham radio magazine: ARRL

AMSAT, the organization for amateur satellites: AMSAT

eQSL, the electronic QSL card system: eQSL

The Ontario Swap Shop, an online classified ad site for used amateur radio equipment, updated every Monday evening: Ontario Swap Shop

Ham radio equipment reviews, forums, etc. eHam

QRZ, the global database of ham radio operators QRZ

Radio Reference, a useful database of scanner frequencies and other info Radio Reference

DX Zone, a huge site with collections of links to thousands of amateur radio sites DX Zone

List of local amateur radio repeaters Repeaters

Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS)

The Automatic Packet Reporting System is used to transmit short messages between local amateurs. It's most common use is to transmit location data, whereby GPS co-ordinates of the amateur station are transmitted. These can then be plotted on a computer map, allowing people to see the location of other amateurs around them. The short radio packets are sent on a common frequency (in North America usually 144.390 mhz). They are picked up by repeaters and rebroadcast. Some repeaters can also gate the packets onto the internet. You can see APRS info mapped at APRS.fi. Note that APRS.fi also maps the AIS system, which is the Automatic Identification System used for ships. All commercial ships must transmit identification info that includes the name of the ship, its size, heading, speed, etc. This info is transmitted on 161.975 and 162.025 mhz, but uses a different encoding system from APRS, and therefore requires a different receiver. Again, there are receivers in some areas (including Hamilton) that pick up this info and gate it to the internet.

More info on APRS can be found at APRS.org and APRS Wikipedia page


Ham Radio Deluxe

WINLINK (HF radio email and weather fax system)

Ontario Retailers

Radio World (Toronto)

Durham Radio (Whitby)

Major Manufacturers




Smaller Manufacturers


Ten Tec


Software Defined Radios

Flex Radio

An Open Source SDR project

Amateur Radio Accessories


Heil (microphones, headsets)

Local Amateur Radio Clubs