Python GCode Simulator

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A Python program that simulates execution of a G-Code script. Currently supported codes:

  • Comments
  • Assignments
  • G00 - Rapid positioning
  • G01 - Linear interpolation
  • G02 - Circle interpolation (CW)
  • G03 - Circle interpolation (CCW)
  • G04 - Dwell
  • Txx - Tool selection
  • M02 - End program
  • M03 - Spindle on
  • M05 - Spindle off
  • M06 - Tool change operation
  • G21 - Units in mm (buggy)


In order for the Python GCode Simulator to work, you need to make sure that you have already have already downloaded and installed the following programs. Installing them in this order works best.

Secondary links have been verified to work on a computer running 64-bit Windows 7. If you are comfortable with Python, feel free to experiment with Python 3.X for use with the simulator. If you get it working, please let me know so that I can document it here.



  • Simulates the execution of a gcode script (.ngc file)
  • Renders the job in the XY plane (other views not supported)
  • Displays commands as they are executed
  • A slider lets you scrub through the job's timeline

Future plans:

  • Add support for more gcode commands
  • Render the job with configurable colors
  • Include a listing of the script in a side panel
  • Script editor?