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Stores and suppliers of interest to haus|people. Notes on where to get good prices on the things that we may be likely to buy.


If you want something from Adafruit or Sparkfun, check if it's available from Spikenzielabs, Creatron, RobotShop - it may be cheaper than paying exchange rate and shipping from the US, and duty/brokerage/shipping insurance is already dealt with. Also shipping is much faster.


  • P&A Plastics, 150 Main Street East, Hamilton. Plastic for LAZZOR.
  • Creatron, 255 College Street, Toronto (just east of Spadina). Lots of components and connectors. Sparkfun, Adafruit, Arduino distributor. Fairly high markup. Will order SF and AF items that he doesn't normally carry. Also appears to do technician work - assembly, design.
  • Sayal, 4380 Harvester Road Unit 2, Burlington. Kits, some surplus, lots of components, Arduino.
  • Nutech, 66 Parkdale Ave North, Hamilton. (905) 547-8420. Bit pricey but local for quick pickup.
  • ENA Electronics, 45 Goderich Rd Unit 5 (Centennial Pkwy & QEW). (905) 561-3346. Some electronic parts.
  • Lee Valley, 3060 Davidson Court, Burlington. Also three stores in Toronto. High quality woodworking and gardening tools, and hardware.
  • Closest hardware store is Arruda's Hardware at 17 Barton St E.
  • Closest bigbox hardware store is Rona at 25 Dundas St E, Waterdown. Closest Home Depot is 122 Martindale Crescent (Meadowlands Center). Closest Lowe's is 1945 Barton St E.
  • Turkstra Lumber, multiple locations around Hamilton. The contractor's lumber store. Specialty building materials that big box stores frequently don't have. 1/8" and 1/4" ply/veneer core sheets for LAZZORING.
  • TT Liquid Handling Equipment, 790 King St W (just across the 403). General industrial supply: safety equipment, hose/tube/pipe, tools, steel, fasteners.


  • Spikenzielabs in Montreal sells parts and their own designs. Sparkfun, Adafruit, Arduino distributor. Paying in USD may be cheaper than CAD.
  • Proto Advantage sells various SMT to DIP, SIP to DIP, and other adapters as well as Arduinos and official Arduino accessories. In Hamilton, but doesn't allow pickup.
  • RobotShop in Montreal. Sparkfun, Adafruit, Arduino, SeeedStudio distributor. Many things for making robots (motors, batteries, motor controllers, sensors).
  • Seeed Studio in Hong Kong. Sells the Seeeduino (Arduino clone) and a lot of other parts. Cheap. Fast, cheap shipping.
  • Digikey - $8 shipping by FedEx, next-day delivery (usually) if the order is in by 20:00 CT (21:00 ET). Duty/brokerage/customs arranged and paid by them. Free shipping on orders over $200. Make sure you're looking at the Canadian site to get pricing in Canadian dollars. Arduino distributor.
  • Mouser - $20 shipping by FedEx
  • Newark/Element14 - Electronics components and tool distributor. Distributes some *Adafruit products. Official Raspberry Pi distributor!

PCB Manufacturers

LadyAda has some good notes: