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Hi folks,

I'm a math and mechanical engineering grad who is now working for a renewable energy company in Dundas. I like to tinker with things and talk about math. My other web presence is Yup, that was an impulse buy.


Here are the projects I'm planning:

Balcony garden irrigation system

We have a pretty big balcony: 1.35 m x 5.4 m. This summer it will be full of vegetables.

We've built an earthtainer and have the materials to build 3 more. That added to the one Lee Valley planter and some other smaller pots (probably will be terra cotta) will make up the ground based areas. The big bins (earthtainers and Lee Valley planter) have water reservoirs, so they aren't really likely to dry out. It's the little stuff and the topsy turvy tomato planters that will need the most help.

The plan is for a large enough water reservoir to be raised above the plants. It will have tubes going to each of the planters needing water which will feed water into stakes.

The advantages of this system will be:

  • the plants won't die when we go away for the weekend
  • the plants won't die if we forget about them
  • the plants will get a constant supply of water, but not too much at any time (the topsy turvy planters especially require patience when watering)

Kite Aerial Photography

Trevyn and I rigged up a camera to take photos every 15 seconds. Now we need a kite to lift it. Trevyn built a box kite while I was away in Europe, but I want to get in on the fun too.

Kite requirements:

  • Rokkaku kite
  • 1.5 - 2 m tall
  • easily collapsible

Ball Winder and Swift

I'm tired of winding bloody stupid hanks into useable balls!!! There are lego plans out there which I might copy.

Solar Hot Water -> Stirling Engine

and a comparison to PV