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Team Willow and Rain's Projects in the Works


Materials We Have:

  • pins and needles
  • regular thread
  • basic fabric
  • hooks and eyes
  • snaps
  • velcro
  • stuffing
  • double-sided foam tape

Materials We Need:

  • radio frequency universal remote
  • conductive thread
  • soldering iron/solder
  • white muslin (for sewing the circuit)
  • sticky backed fusible webbbing
  • conductive metal tape

Instructions: http://www.instructables.com/id/Teddy-Bear-Remote-Control/

Project Notes:

  • RF (radio frequency) and IR (infrared) remotes are very different! We need RF. Unfortunately, most standard remotes are IR, which is why they have a little light-thing on them. Live and learn.


Materials We Have:

  • HexBug Original
  • IR remote control

Materials We Need:

  • IR receiver module
  • solder(ing iron)
  • wire? terminals?

Instructions: http://www.appliedinspirations.com/appliedcontent/Projects/HXB-IRmod/HXB_IRmod.html

Project Notes:

The IR remote that was bought for our Remote Teddy Bear project has found a new use.